Città Studi Biella is one of the most important educational and training centres in northern Italy, and comprises:

  • a University Campus
  • a Professional Training Agency
  • a Congress Centre and a Specialised Library
  • an area for Services, Research and Consultancy for companies.

Città Studi is involved in training at all levels, both university and professional, with a specific focus on courses for companies, especially through its Academy for technical personnel. It collaborates with leading Italian research centres and universities and is a member of the National Technology Cluster Made In Italy. Since 2009 it has managed Pointex, the Textile Innovation Cluster, which works mainly on the following activities:

  • Technology transfer
  • Support and assistance to companies on R&D&I projects
  • Animation, promotion and dissemination activities
  • International collaborations with companies, research centres and other innovation clusters, not only in the textile sector
  • Internationalisation and European projects mainly focused on business support on innovation, training and internationalisation also outside Europe.


Considering the nature of the textile sector and the type of member companies, Pointex is engaged on all the transition trajectories of the Cluster System, but has chosen “Ecological Transition” as a priority, and collaborates with the other clusters on “Digital Transformation” and “People and Community Wellbeing”.

It is active in all priority areas that are strategic and relevant for businesses, such as:

  • support companies in R&D&I, in textile and in interdisciplinary sectors
  • connection with regional policies on innovation activities; animation and communication and monitoring of the S3 working groups
  • valorisation of business investments on R&D&I activities
  • dialogue with the business system and with research and training actors.

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